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    Make America Great Again

    In a previous article titled “Left And Right” I discussed that Left or Right are unable to work on their own. Donald Trump has been our Elected President since 2016 and has fought diversity in every decision that he has made. He has fought the Never Trumpers, Democratic Party, Congress, The Senate and everyone that is unable to adapt to change. President Trump is the only President that I recall without support from his own party. The American People have always supported The Office of the President of the United States until our current president. We the People of the United States have always excepted the laws passed by our elected officials. Left and Right have always worked together (although not unanimously). Today we find that unemployment is the lowest in Decades and companies are bringing work and products back to America.

    I understand diversity. I’m Left Handed and I have to adapt to using almost everything that I use daily. Power tools, wrenches, cooking utensils, and so on. Every day I adapt to be able to use the tools and equipment available to me for accomplishing even the smallest of tasks. Those of us that are not like the majority make adjustments to compensate for the tools we have available to us to complete the task.

    The United States is turning from “We The People” to “Me The People”. There is no such thing as “We The People” anymore.

    Our elected officials have lost sight of the fact that they were elected by the people, whether it be local, state or national. Once elected it seems that most of our elected officials have the mindset of I. Everything that they do is for their best interest, not the best interest of those that elected them. It has become my understanding that we not longer have Political Parties, we have groups of people working in different directions. Just like Left and Right, we need to learn to work together and adapt to the ideas and thoughts of others. To keep America Great we need to change our mindset and learn to work together. Forget about those with the loudest voice and think about what is being said. We then need to ask ourselves one question. Is this best for the country or best for me.

    Everyone has their own thoughts, but if we are unable to adapt or adjust our thought process how can we become the Great America of the past? Do we want to become a flock of sheep and follow the leader or do we want to think about the big picture and make our choices, thinking to ourselves, What is best for our country? What needs to be done to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?

    Think about it folks. What do we want? Do we want a country of sheep or do we want a country that is great?

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