The Not So OK Corral

    by The Butcher


    Virginia Beach Victims
    The Dead of Virginia Beach

    Could there be a more peaceful sounding name for a place than Virginia Beach? I made plans to “drop out” today. I was going to have wine and cheese, maybe go down to the Valero convenience store and invite a couple illegal immigrant girls over to join me, kick back, and learn Spanish. Even put today’s article up, and distributed it early last night so I didn’t have to do a thing today but chill the wine. So, what happened? DeWayne Craddock happened!Like most of you, I have become so jaded that when I first heard the news of our latest mass murder, I scanned the body count. If it’s only two or three then that’s just a family affair, usually a clear motive, most likely a woman. As you approach ten or so then it’s a pissed off employee. More than ten, a bonafide nut, and twenty or more it’s for religious reasons and in order for this to publish I’m not allowed to use the “M” word. 

    America has become the Not So OK Corral. I think one of the worse things to have to put up with is in the aftermath of one of these things when all the “Manbuns” come out with their significant others screaming, “Gun Control!”

    The very phrase, Gun Control” is an oxymoron. I hear all the time about the “Wild Wild West,” but let me tell you something. In most “Wild Wild” cattle towns there were rules and regulations about when and where you could keep and bear arms, and they didn’t give two shyts about what some bunch of Yankees wrote on a piece of paper seventy some-odd years ago in Pennsylvania! You could either leave your gun with the sheriff while in town, or deposit it in the cloak room at the saloon. Even then, that didn’t account for “Baby Sister” in your boot! And don’t go “Googling” that. I’m old enough to have met real cowboys from the nineteenth century who recounted stories to me from firsthand experience! 

    You have to accept facts. You will NEVER rid America of all the guns that grace the landscape. Just like prohibition. Wonderful idea. No more whiskey, no more beer, and everyone would be stone sober, walking around singing, “I Surrender All.” In the end there were more SpeakEasies in Manhattan than there ever were bars back when it was legal to pull a cork. And don’t Google THAT either! 

    If tomorrow guns were completely banned, while the liberals are having a collective orgasm, I could get in my car, drive the four miles to Simmonville where I grew up, and buy anything I wanted from a woman to a B.A.R.! And, if you doubt that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE!

    So, what to do? Well, first of all, stop trying to “understand” people who shoot multiple victims because they had a bad hair day. If you understand them then someone needs to understand YOU! People who do that need to be shot! The issue is just how to arrange that. Well, dialing 911 ain’t it! When seconds count the police are only minutes away. When you’re cowering under a table while some pervert is popping little girls’ heads off you won’t be worried about that comma in the Second Amendment. You’ll be worried about your ass!

    An armed society is a polite society. When any eighteen year old girl can reach into her purse and dispatch a maniac it will cause him to pause and consider. Trust me on that one. And if a C.J. Grisham, or a Doc Greene just happens to be having lunch there that day there’ll be only two deaths. The patron hit by the first shot, and the killer hit by the next fourteen!

    If these deranged individuals feel death tugging at their elbow they will find another method to ease their anxiety. I suggest  a bridge with a nice drop to the river below. Oh, you’re offended. You’re gonna report me for “Hate Speech!” You’re gonna retreat to a safe zone and shake and piss all over yourself. Well, let me ask you something, and remember, I’ve seen Luby’s, and Fort Hood, and Waco (Twice) AND Charles Whitman! Would you rather be reading a news story today about some nut who offed himself last night because he couldn’t get laid, or the names of his twelve victims in Virginia Beach whose only crime was they simply showed up for work, while police are looking for a “motive?”

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