God Save The Queen


    God save the Queen! With all of the liberal bias permeating American airwaves the Royal family would have none of it. Receiving the President and First Lady with all the pomp and ceremony due to a leader of the free world and staunch ally of Great Britain, the ninety-three-year-old monarch greeted President Trump with all the dignity one would expect from a proper lady and most loved queen.

    This goes directly against the mainstream media back home that chose to criticize the President’s attire when he interrupted his golf game yesterday to rush to Virginia Beach and extended condolences to the people there after the horrific mass shooting over the weekend.

    Never missing a chance to take a cheap shot at the President, it was noted that he wore golf cleats and sported a golf cap was held in his hand. They also mentioned that he had a different hair style. This, they concluded, showed much disrespect to the mourners. No, it showed that Donald Trump rushed to Virginia Beach as soon as he could, not even taking time to change his shoes. The hair? He had been wearing a golf cap and didn’t comb it after removing his cap out of respect for the dead. He also remained quiet in the church. A far cry from Bill Clinton freezing up an airport years ago as he got a thousand dollar haircut!

    It was the anti-Trump media that showed disrespect by not putting down their vicious, low-class rhetoric for one hour as President Trump went to tell the people of Virginia Beach that they were not alone. As Marine One landed on the palace lawn, the Fox News live feed on Facebook overflowed with hearts and support. This support will continue to grow until 2020 as the Democrats scurry to sober up Nancy Pelosi and find someone, anyone to challenge the President in the upcoming election. Their current front runner was courting yet another little girl last week in Houston as was reported by Doc Greene on American Voice Radio on Friday. CNN missed that story!

    As Britain struggles to regain its sovereignty, the most perfect ambassador is the man who is making his nation great again. We, as Americans, cannot fathom the complexity of Brexit, but we can demonstrate by example our efforts to reverse the effects of the globalist agenda set in place by the previous administration. President Trump can assure the British people that whatever route they take, America supports them and there is certainly no wall between the US and Britain as it becomes a nation once again!

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