Left Wing Lunacy for May 2019


    May was another looney month for Democrats claiming President Trump is guilty of a “cover up” while objecting to Trump allowing Attorney General William Barr to declassify (uncover) the material Democrats claim he is covering up?  Democrats then called on the arrest of Barr since they didn’t like the outcome of the Mueller investigation that found no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, which were the same results of the Senate or House Intelligence Report.  Now they fear the truth is coming out that the Democrats lost an election they rigged and an investigation they rigged to create this hoax as Barr appointed U.S Attorney John Durham to investigate the investigators just as Inspector General Horowitz and U.S. Attorney Huber will soon release reports of abuse of the FISA warrants to spy on Trump and the Uranium One scandal, where Hillary Clinton sold American uranium to the Russians for donations to the Clinton Foundation, which was used to fund her 2016 campaign.

    The irony that Democrats claim no one is above the law as they attempted to have President Trump impeached over a Russian hoax, is that these same looney Democrats ignore the immigration laws.  They provide government resources to millions of illegal aliens while 38,000 American veterans are homeless.

    May also revealed Vice-President Joe Biden was also involved in secretive meetings of the Russian Hoax with the Obama Justice Department to prevent Trump from being elected (Washington Post).   It was also revealed the FBI had sent an investigator posing as an assistant to meet with a Trump aide in 2016 as well as Ukraine’s embassy reporting the Democrat National Committee had reached out to them to seek dirt on Trump.

    Unfortunately Democrats have been watching “Fake News” so they want to believe the hoax; but soon they will see indictments and Obama officials going to prison.  Until then, all Democrats can do is blame anyone associated with Trump and yell, “Impeach” while the crimes against Trump was far bigger than Watergate.

    Speaking of Fake News, Covington Catholic High student, Nick Sandmann, is suing NBC for $275 million to go with similar lawsuits against Fake New CNN and Washington Post for falsely reporting against the minor during a Washington D.C. protest.  Even the New York Times agrees that NBC and CNN is patrician and their reports cannot be trusted.

    May also proved Democrats “War on Women” by approving bills that destroys women’s rights and endangers children.  Democrats voted for H.R. 5, which removes rights and protection for women in replacement for transgender ideology.   The Democrats would rather allow a man who identifies himself as a woman be allowed, by law, to join female only clubs, join female sports, private bathing, and shelters.  Already high school girls are losing scholarships to boys who identify themselves as women.

    In California, pedophiles that prey on children would by law be able to work in a school with children.  How you may ask?  Since California Democrats state pedophilia is a sexual orientation and by the Democrats law, discrimination against sexual orientation is illegal, public schools would be required to hire pedophiles.

    Already in California, teachers are required to teach transgenderism to Kindergarteners to confuse boys and girls that they are what they feel and not what they are.  Masturbation is taught as acceptable to middle school.   Junior High students are taught anal sex and pedophilia as normal with a Brea Olinda School District administrator stating it is “really important to teach the children about this”.

    This type of indoctrination may have led to a high school shooting in Colorado by a “transgender” student, who reportedly hated Christians and Trump.  Of course, the media did not report this or that this he/she ‘s father was here illegally.  The liberal media also refused to report lunacy of Philadelphia Muslim students chanting we will “cut of their heads!”

    The lunacy continues in Minnesota where Democrats blocked protection against female genital mutilation, a procedure where genitals of a girl is intentionally altered for non-medical reasons to prevent sexual pleasures.

    In Oregon, an illegal alien who raped a dog to death was released after serving 60 days to be released to have protection in the Sanctuary State and more lunacy from California where Governor Newsom is now pardoning felons to allow them to avoid deportation, even crimes of “solicitations to commit murder”.

    This is just some of the lunacies from Democrats for May 2019.

    Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.   He can be emailed at mantecarepublians@yahoo.com
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