Snowflakes And Things That Go Bump In The Night

    by The Butcher


    Snowflakes and things that go bump in the night. The control over social media by the liberal left has exceeded all bounds. I was complained about yesterday for my article, “God Save The Queen,”

    Now, like my friend, Juan would say, “I ain’t even gonna lie to you!” That article was an afterthought. I was slumming for a subject and Trump was in Merry Old England about to sit down for fish and chips with the Queen. Boooooring! Of course the Lame Brained Media was all over a story about the President wearing his golf cleats when he dropped in to offer condolences to Virginia Beach after the mass shooting over the weekend. They paid particular attention to how he had combed his hair. (And I thought I was digging for a story!)

    So, I penned this homogenized, going nowhere piece about solidarity between Great Britain and the United States. Sent it up via WordPress (Another death knell for a news story) and did the usual distribution. Now, I’m known to write some dynamite stuff. This thing wasn’t even a firecracker. I take minorities, tie ‘em up, and make white the folks ill at ease. I am the Castor Oil of Op/Ed Journalism.

    That having been said, I rarely get a complaint. Well, Doc Greene tried to share that milk toast article on FaceBook and discovered that sharing THAT piece of work has been blocked for “hate speech!” Who in the hell hates Queen Elizabeth? Who is really THAT interested in British politics? And they did it in the most chicken shyt fashion. Instead of just removing the share button, they fixed it so if you copied and pasted the link you’d get this message that the article was persona non grata. They wrote an entire algorithm targeting The Butcher Shop. (My mama told me I’d make good some day.)

    I scanned the article to see what I’d said that so offended FaceBook that they’d go through all that trouble. I poked a little fun at the mainstream media. Ok, everyone does that. Insinuated that Pelosi was a drunk. Hell, we’ve all seen Chuck Schumer holding her up during a press conference. Maybe the remark about Bill Clinton’s haircut? No. The snowflakes would have just fact checked that, and smeared it up my butt. Couldn’t be that. h

    The article ended with one of the most boring paragraphs I’ve ever written. So, I went back and re-read it again. There it was! The very title and the first word in the body. “God!” I mentioned God! That, and the word “Queen!” The left obviously thought that I was sicing God on the LBGTQ community! How did I miss that? God Damn! Well, butter my butt, and call me a biscuit.

    A few days ago I’d come upon something that showed how the social media platforms will cut their nose off to spite their face. As you may or may not know, each Friday at two o’clock Texas time I’m a guest in Doc Greene’s “Right Side Of The Mic” broadcast via American Voice Radio. And it’s a real broadcast folks. I’ve had relatives listen to it in their car on the way through San Diego.

    Well, after the show, I’ll do a little edit and distribute my portion with a YouTube link. Of course I share the entire show too, as I do with the Apostle Claver during his Raging Elephants broadcast. Anyway, I got an Idea to do an article that day on the Tea Party Tribune. I took the link and constructed a piece on the Trib that consisted of just a picture that linked right back to the YouTube video previously mentioned. There was nothing else the reader could do except click the picture and bounce over to YouTube to watch the segment.

    So, later that day I’m checking the numbers on the Trib, and there’s the usual two or three hundred hits, so then I go over to YouTube to see the views. NINE! What’s wrong with this picture? I’m in the wrong joke!

    Back in the day, iJackie sprang on the scene and made six hundred and seventeen videos, of which sixty-seven were published on the Tube. In those videos the little Jewish girl discussed everything from teen sex to how to kick a heroin habit with her young audience, and the views rolled. YouTube loaded her up with ads and Jackie Jo made them a lot of coin!

    Jackie may be gone but her spirit STILL lives at The Butcher Shop. The Butcher Shop is an umbrella sheltering many writers of all makes and models. From Chappy Gypsy, who would have Jerry Falwell Jr as chief advisor to the President To Brother Theo who wants free medical and food stamps for all, if you want a cut of meat The Butcher Shop has it for you. NINE VIEWS? Are you kidding me? Zuckerberg and company hate America so bad that our money is no good. The same machine that iJackie put together in 2006 still exists, and if it were treated honestly YouTube, Google, Twitter and all the rest would make money!

    So how do we combat this? Volume. Pump up da volume. Remember that word “umbrella?” We have already published today’s article on the Tribune. The “Queen” article that is a mirror of yesterday’s WordPress piece. THIS very article you are reading on WordPress will be on the Trib tomorrow morning and will be sent through our Alternative Media distribution network to such as The Dam Good Times, Conservative Tribune, The Liberty Beacon and many others from London to L.A. And that’s not counting radio shows, commentary by other Butcher Shop contributors or just plain ol’ folks sharing it with friends and family. So, to Mark Zuckerberg, YouTube, and all the ships at sea I conclude with this question: Now you’ve tasted our mutton . . . how do you like it, huh?

    The Butcher Shop
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