Do You Remember?

    by Roger Landry


    This unalienable right as put forth in the 1st amendment to the constitution, guarantees us expression of information, ideas, and opinions, free of government restrictions or reprisal based on content. In an ideal world, this may be our greatest tool to hold those who govern us in check; however, in reality, does it exist in its true form, or at all any more?

    Most of us who own, run or visit websites, and social media of the Liberty persuasion, have seen and heard the horror stories pertaining to people being put on government “watch lists”, being harassed, losing jobs, and generally being ostracized because they dare to voice dissent concerning actions, restrictions, or mandates imposed by our government. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this … you (by your very nature) are probably already on some watch list somewhere …

    The Amazing Doc Greene arrested while covering a story about Drag Queen Story Time with his White House Press Pass hanging around his neck

    I am aware of a documented case of a young woman being put on such a watch list because she was an advocate for Ron Paul’s 2008 election bid … eleven years ago, and this tyranny has only progressed! Would someone please care to explain to me how this makes this fine, patriotic young woman a threat to this country? It, in fact, does not! What it does make her is an informed and concerned citizen exercising her rights to assembly and free speech. This is a travesty! The only reason this type of situation exists at all is because the entrenched ruling structure is fearful of losing their grip on power via an awakening population.

    How many of you remember the Bundy Ranch fiasco … where you had to be penned up in a corral in order to speak your mind … your unalienable right to free speech … in “First Amendment Areas” or “Free Speech Zones.” It doesn’t stop there as many campuses, and an increasing number of public events also have restrictive areas called by the same name.

    You need to understand that if a truly independent person of morals and character who, by their beliefs threatens a radical shift in the way government does business, is elected to high office, especially the Presidency in this country, then all hell could break loose! There would be an instantaneous upset in the balance of corrupt power that has existed for so long. Corruption, cronyism, favoritism, and back room politics in general would suffer a huge focus, scrutiny and exposure.

    Having to deal strictly above board and in a truly transparent fashion would leave a considerable number of these so called “ruling elite” out on their butts, or at a minimum in serious doubt as to how to exercise their stolen power (from We The People)! So, for those who rule from the shadows, this must not be allowed to take place, but how to prevent it?

    First step: Disinformation and Misinformation

    Buy up all the mainstream media, and blanket the American public with pleasant things that are soft, fuzzy, fun and entertaining, and infuse this with your message to the point where we all think and feel that this is the way it is supposed to, or should be. Or blanket the masses with messages of fear and foreboding, while promising that you (the government) will do “whatever is necessary” (including tyranny or treason) to keep We The People safe and secure from our intentionally manufactured fears.

    Second step: Corruption, Cronyism, and Favoritism

    Buy your candidates. Coddle, pamper, and indoctrinate them, but most of all addict them to power, fame and importance; in essence, make them your faithful lap dogs. If this is not sufficient, find something (or facilitate it) to be used as leverage over them (blackmail). Ensure that all the mechanisms or money necessary to buy, bribe, or extort any possible adversaries be made available.

    Third step: (and this is the kicker): Intimidation

    If you realize that any person or persons of scruples, values, compassion, and independent thought, may upset your apple cart by speaking the truth (reality), call them a “nut”, some one “on the fringe”, an “eccentric unfit to be listened to”, or if the case may be “govern”. Intimidate a popular conscientious leader or candidates followers (you and I) through venues such as government watch lists, make it so that getting a loan, a job, or even government assistance is difficult if not outright impossible. This has the result, in a vast majority of cases, of causing people to back off, to disassociate themselves from a cause or situation that is screwing with their lives or their comfort zones.

    The few that protest louder … pen them up in obscure unconstitutional “Free Speech Zones”, label them as fanatics, or if these fail, brand them as malcontents that are harmful to society and to your comfortable way of life … “Domestic Terrorists” and lock them away for life … or assassinate them …

    Or in essence, by illegal Executive Orders, Unconstitutional Laws or outright Treason …

    This quote foretells the disastrous state of our freedom of speech in this country today; this is reality. We are all aware of the illegal activity being perpetrated on We The People to deny, or permanently silence, our unalienable right to herald the truth, and this only serves to strengthen those who would perpetrate harm on us.

    I am three generations old and have a pretty good recollection of what “Freedom of Speech” is, or is supposed to be, by our Constitution. Can those graduating from high school or college today say the same thing, having been brought up in a system of perpetuated propaganda and veiled tyranny? Is their concept or understanding of this right the same as mine … or yours?

    Do they feel that the privilege (granted by a tyrannical government) that has supplanted this right … is in fact what our founders bequeathed to us? The answers to these questions scream volumes as to the deep state tyranny We The People face in America today!

    Now, more than ever in our history, do we need men and women with scruples, values, compassion, and intelligence speaking their mind … and in the driver’s seat. This bus (America) is headed for a cliff, and none of these morons who pretend to represent us, can drive! Get pissed, get motivated, be enthusiastic, but get the word out while we still have some freedom to do so!

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