The Birdman of Facebook Jail

    by The Butcher


    This marks the end of the first week since we made the decision to focus our distribution. To recap, this move was made because of an incident pointed out by Doc Greene. He was attempting to share one of our articles. There wasn’t a share button, I guess, so he proceeded to copy and paste the actual link from the Tea Party Tribune. Now, understand this! The title of the article was ”God Save The Queen.”

    Now, brothers and sisters, it don’t get much more mundane than that. It wasn’t even the article of the day. It was kind of an after thought. It was so ”second cup of coffee” that I almost didn’t run it. The deciding factor was as Alexa read me the news that morning I found that the Mainstream Media had completely ignored the President’s trip to Britain, choosing instead to focus on his golf shoes and haircut during his visit to console the mourners at Virginia Beach.

    So, here’s Doc trying to paste this link on Facebook. He gets a message telling him that several persons had complained about this article, and it could not be shared on Facebook! Several persons complained? I JUST put it up, bitch! So, I went back and re-read the article. It was fairly clean. I mean, I didn’t call the Queen a Limey or anything like that, although I did call Pelosi a drunk, but hell, even the Democrats know that, but I noticed something else.

    Journalism is all about the reads. Alternative journalism is all about the reads and sidestepping the landmines set in place by social media to prevent those reads. Back in the day, I’d publish my usual Trib link, but I’d also run a ”balls to the wall” copy of the article for those who didn’t want to click a link, or simply didn’t know how. I was aware that a sizable number of my readers held the internet with high suspicion as it was, and jumping from site to site would be a huge roadblock for them. People born in my generation won’t even turn the page on a newspaper when they see, ”Continued on page A6!” Shucks! I won’t. You’d just make your point on page A1 or I’m outta there buster!

    Well, the liberal trolls came out, and I became the Bird Man of Facebook Jail! This is why you saw me up and down on Facebook, eventually abandoning my page of ten years and becoming Billy White. Now that’s not a totally fake name. My nickname, Billy, comes from my middle name, William, and Witt is German for White. Anyway, I still had to come up with a way to publish without being screened by Facebook algorithms and flagged by the trolls.

    The solution was very simple. Facebook censoring programs could only READ the link, they didn’t click through it and scrutinize the article. So, just keep trigger words out of the title and you could write pretty much any damn thing you wanted. And this worked pretty well. But, two things happened.

    For one, I got stupid. I began to believe that liberals were thinking human beings. I attributed rationality, cognizance, comprehension, and all those other things one would attribute to a five-year-old girl to liberals. Then, I began to join liberal groups on Facebook in an effort to build a bridge between right and left. Well, that was the bridge on the River Kwai! There was this one particular group, ”Political Reality” that I was actually invited to join by the administrator that had more snowflakes in it than Santa’s workshop. Among the constant references to ”The Orange Fool” and endless discussions about racism, I tried to find common ground. You can’t find common ground in quicksand. It is interesting to note that Brother Theo bailed before I did. He is a classic FDR liberal as opposed to the newer Neo-Liberal. As they took off after his family he warned me.

    I continued to try to reason with the unbridled hate in ”Political Reality.” I would post links to my articles there and they would instantly comment using the same talking points every time. ”Orange Fool” ”Pedophile” ”Liar” and of course, the trusty old ”IMPEACH!” They weren’t clicking the link! So, I pulled back a bit and only put humor there, and human interest stories. This would come back to bite me. If I ran a story about a little girl’s puppy they were quick to point out that the puppy was white. I simply could not hear the tick, tick, tick of this sociopathic time bomb.

    The other thing that emerged was the new, improved Facebook algorithm. I’m still not quite sure if the software can actually click through a link and read the article, although that’s not all that hard, but your code writers have to be, well, literate, but what I suspect is according to its own press releases Facebook had vowed to crack down in ”hate speech.”

    So, how would you go about doing that? Well, there’s this newly minted phrase, ”Trigger-Word!” A trigger word is any word, or group of words that will make a liberal’s poo poo go to water. Things like kill, or gun, or immigration, Trump, America, flag, mom’s apple pie, and the one that stopped Doc from sharing that article . . . GOD! Right there in the link in big ol’ shiny letters, GOD Save The Queen! Queen may have triggered them too, because a goodly portion of their contingency are sexually confused. Combine this with the players at Political Reality and you can easily see an impending disaster. Still, ever the optimist, I continued to tiptoe through the tulips.

    So, last weekend Brother Theo and I had a conference call. After I endured the expected ”I told you so” we analyzed the issue. What were we getting out of Facebook? Well, basically the Clap! Each posting was a maneuver through a minefield just waiting to blow up The Butcher Shop. That, and we, like a lot of you, had fallen into the delusion that Facebook was generating the lion’s share of our reads. Au Contrarié! Over the years we had been pushing the envelope on conservative sites. There were other people in the room!

    We were trying to show younger people that conservatives are NOT a bunch of old ”Fuddy Duddies” and DID have something to offer. Slowly, the reads had gone from tens to thousands. These reads are from ”click through” internet savvy kids! Facebook DETRACTED from these numbers. It didn’t enhance them. In fact. The extra time trying to sanitize the articles, and avoid Facebook Jail took away time that could be spent composing better articles! The idea that you couldn’t produce credible content without Facebook was an urban legend. A myth! Yesterday’s article showed some of these new conservative writers, and they are NOT in wheel chairs. They’re damn good!

    I immediately pulled out of Political Reality. I know “pulling out” doesn’t sound very manly, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Theo and I decided that The Butcher Shop would publish on just two Facebook connected sites. The PeckerWood Press, and a Messenger Group called Distribution List. The reasons being that The PeckerWood Press has ballooned up of late. We actually invented that page around ten years ago, and it languished in obscurity until about six months ago when it jumped from a little over two hundred members to over a thousand, and it’s still growing. It actually has no admin because Wilbur Witt was that, and as I have already stated, Wilbur has morphed. But, there is a little scuttle butt from Facebook. I shared the link to the page, informing our readers of this move. Upon testing the link I discovered that it had been disabled. To see PeckerWood Press, you must go to Facebook Search, Type in Peckerwood Press. You’ll see there are few choices. We are the one with the Peckerwood as the profile picture. Guess Peckerwood is a trigger word.

    Distribution List was a work around to yet another cute trick that Facebook employs. We have a worldwide subscriber base, and yes, we collude with the freaking Russians. There’s one old boy who’s profile picture is him in his Russian military uniform and his background picture is Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. No doubt what part of the political field HE stands on, BUT he likes Texas stories and especially my book, CigarBox! I spent many hours each day distributing articles. Part of that distribution was in Facebook Messenger. Time went on, people joined, and pretty soon there were over a hundred people getting our stuff delivered personally via Messenger. Well, Facebook couldn’t have that much conservative thought being spread, even if it was private communication between individuals. Their solution? You got it! Another algorithm. They fixed it so when I sent PM number twenty-five they’d just turn off my Messenger until the next day leaving those subscribers twisting in the wind. So WE came up with a solution. We did a group message, trying to include as many subscribers as could be remembered. Then we put the article there. One click! No mo’ Facebook algorithm. Now Distribution List has grown past its original intent. It is actually a discussion group now with members posting their own articles.

    Now, I want you to ask yourself. Should Americans have to go through these lengths just to express common political ideas? Did America move? Have liberals become so disconnected from reality that they have forgotten that if you see something you don’t like you can always change the channel! Make no mistake about it. Facebook and The Butcher Shop are heading for a divorce. We will educate our readers as to the Facebook myth and at the same time teach them how to find us on the Internet. We cannot put all our eggs in a basket controlled by a psychopath in California. Facebook will eventually take us out but by then we will be well on the way to pioneering a new way of spreading Christian Conservative Values and literacy. Start checking out:

    Right Side Of The Mic on American Voice Radio and

    There! That should get you started, and oh yeah, it’s PeckerWood Friendly!

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