And Just Like That There Was No More Facebook

    by The Butcher


    There seems to be a big push over the weekend against censorship and violations of the first amendment. Many of my readers and contributors are sounding off. Roger Landry chimed in yesterday with his article.

    That was in concert with my initial push.

    And then this morning George H. Rodriguez, Fox News contributor by the way posted:

    “Facebook just blocked my latest post on my news and commentary Facebook pages El Conservador, El Conservador” and George Rodriguez, El Conservador, “George Rodriguez, El Conservador” regarding illegal immigration. The Leftist has created a monster (opposition to illegal immigration) that’s growing and they are panicked. Like the liberal press and the Mainstream Media, liberal and leftists in the social media think if they shut us up, the monster (opposition to illegal immigration) will go away. Stay tuned…”

    Rodger analyzed what freedom of speech was back then, what it is now, and what it was intended to be. Originally, you could mount a soap box on the courthouse square and spout off just about anything you wanted. Well, this has “evolved.” Now we have “Free Speech Zones!” Free Speech Zones. Gun Free Zones. Trans-gender restrooms. Are you seeing a trend here?

    While a policeman cannot technically arrest you for your freedom of speech, they can and will take you into custody for a variety of other charges all the way from assault on a peace officer up to impeding an officer during the consumption of a donut. Don’t believe me? Just ask C. J. Grisham!

    Malignant Liberals have been basking in the glow of Facebook’s Inquisition style muzzle on conservative speech, but the more literate of the flying left are beginning to understand the old axiom, “There, but by the grace of God, go I.”

    Bill the Butcher

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the voice of the internet, exposed themselves when they joined hands and purged Alex Jones. Alex voiced some very unbelievable theories, but no more than Oral Roberts. Oh, my bad. That was back when we still had a constitution.

    Back in the day, when someone got on that soapbox and expounded an idea, if it were sound the people applauded. If not, they laughed. When I was in Nashville, struggling to make a record, I would frequently hear other songwriters complaining about how the system was rigged. NO! Their stuff was no damn good! If you wrote a viable song the record companies would beat a path to your motel door, and for a while you go in style down Sixteenth Avenue. I knew right away that I couldn’t compete with the likes of Willie Nelson, or Garth Brooks, but I could turn a phrase, and saw that there was a market for adult country comedy. My only problem was Roy Acuff. Back then you couldn’t say, “Gosh Darn” on a record and get distribution, and brothers and sisters I was saying a whole lot more than THAT! Fifteen years later Roy had gone on to Glory and there was iTunes. Nashville’s grip on publication relaxed and my work, in the warehouse for years went on the market!

    Doc Greene

    And THAT is what will happen to Facebook! Let me ask you, how’s that MySpace account working out for you? And Twitter! Yeah, I’m talking to you. Always bitching about President Trump’s tweets. You were a failing enterprise when he took the oath of office. Now thousands follow his tweets. A hell of a lot more informative than the Mainstream Media. Trump gets on his “soapbox” and the crowd either applauds or laughs withOUT the opinions or guidance from paid actors masquerading as journalists.

    Zuckerberg and friends are going to learn that the Constitution is one hell of a lot older than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or CNN! What is considered offensive to you may not be offensive to me. And there’s this critter out there called We The People. When We The People gets its fill, like Forest Gump would put it, “And just like that, there was no more Facebook!”

    The Butcher Shop
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