There Is A Little Girl . . .

    by The Butcher


    Crunching numbers, and responding to requests from readers, we are fine tuning our distribution yet again. We had done what amounted to a tactical retreat on Facebook, thinking that we could funnel readers over to the PeckerWood Press, until we found out the the very word “PeckerWood” was on Mark Zuckerberg’s list of “No No’s” causing us to consider changing the name to “PeckerHead Press” in his honor.

    Mornings are difficult enough without having to fish around trying to find news sources while you’re trying to focus your eyes. Most of us are long past the exuberance of an eight year old who can’t wait to get on the school bus and greet friends. So, in the final analysis we were just making life more difficult for loyal readers who had enjoyed our articles for years.

    Our problem was basically Malignant Liberals lurking in Facebook alleys waiting to lodge a complaint against any Tumpets that happened to come along, and specificity the group “Political Reality.” We realized that no matter how big of a rock we hid under, eventually the trolls would find us anyway.

    Today, while researching for content on Fake News, we came across an article on The Tea Party Tribune.

    The first thing we noticed was how articulate and well organized the Right Side Patriots are, and the next thing we saw was how the liberals had taken off after them like a pack of wild dogs. Well, they ain’t heavy, and they ARE our brothers (and sisters!)

    The kids are alright! They are that new breed of conservatives that I wrote about the other day. Seeing the attack on them opened our eyes. What good is freedom of speech if you don’t speak? By moderating our speech, or hiding it, we are just bowing to the censors and they are putting words in our mouths, or moreover taking words OUT of our mouths.

    So, accordingly, today we began to distribute on a wider scale. We, of course, dodged blatant liberal sites, but still went back to areas where our pieces were actually READ and discussed. There is nothing wrong with a man or woman with liberal views who takes you to task with facts and figures. A friend of mine, Kent Franks, is just such a liberal. He hates Donald Trump’s living guts, BUT that has nothing to do with our friendship. How can you not be friends with a guy who has put pictures of YOUR grandkids on Facebook right along side of HIS. Final score, his vote cancels mine out. Ain’t that America? Beer and BBQ in Austin for Kent!

    Trump didn’t cause this situation. Haters gonna hate, but we can’t let that stem the tide of information. We can’t let some fat guy, sitting in his underwear at his computer, fingers twitching on the mouse, affect free speech because he is offended. They’re gonna get us anyway. This is a game of “last man standing!” Not every soldier who hit the beach on D Day made it across that beach, but every soldier made a difference!

    The facts are that there IS a concerted effort on the part of Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and a host of so-called “News Services” to silence the voice of conservatives. Some kid got lucky and now he thinks he can re-write the constitution? It was just so un-American that we couldn’t see it. And there ARE such as The Tea Party Tribune, The Liberty Beacon, Right Side of the Mic, The Dam Good Times, and others who, like George S. Patton, are standing flat footed shouting, “By God, that’s enough!”

    So, as Zuckerberg and associates try to redefine reality it is our job to keep moving forward. Some of us will fall, but more will make it across the beach and bring the war to the enemy. There is a little girl. She lives in the future. She is charged with writing an essay. She will not be constrained, and the phrase “Hate Speech” exists only in her dictionary, a relic of a bygone era. She takes pen in hand and begins, “The Decline of Facebook and the Rise of America!” And It is our job, brothers and sisters, to put that pen in her hand!

    The Butcher Shop
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