I Hope They Brought A Pic-a-nik Basket Boo

    by The Butcher


    Open Carry Demonstrators can rattle cages. That’s a fact. However, in a Snowflake world there has to be a few snowplows. Extreme disregard for the constitution calls for extreme measures to even the playing field.

    There was a family gathering at the Broken Arrow Rose Festival in Oklahoma. Now let’s examine that name for a moment. Way back when, a great chief “Broke The Arrow” symbolizing that he would “Fight no more for ever!” They gave up their self defense and trusted a benevolent government to provide for their safety. Shortly after that the benevolent government broke THEM, leading to a distinct shortage of Indians.

    The Second Amendment was a short, concise statement saying that people had the right to defend themselves. Basically, it said, “Hey, y’all can have guns.” The problem was SOMEbody stuck a comma in the middle of it and we now have an ongoing debate about are the people militia or is the militia people, and just who are the people anyway?

    At several other parts of the Bill of Rights the word “People” is employed. In the beginning all MEN were created equal. That is all white, land owning men. Later the black folk got equality, but women had to wait another half century or so, except in Utah where if women didn’t get the right to vote Brigham Young still had to go home a face his wives. Always nice to know where you are on the food chain. So the definition of “People” evolved.

    The rules on self defense evolved, too. Liberal logic dictates that we have police to protect us, so carrying a gun is so “last century.” The government will protect you. Did you hear that Geronimo? Anyway, four or five open carry supporters show up at this little love fest, causing the celebrants therein to have their poo poo to go to water and prompting a letter to a newspaper.

    Bill the Butcher


    The writer states that in an age of mass shootings the “brandishing” of weapons upsets the citizenry to no end and the actions of the patriots ruined the entire event. I would like to interject that had there been an active shooter show up that day, THOSE men would have been the first line of defense for the people there. When you find yourself ducking under a picnic table while some nut is taking pot shots you won’t be worried about that comma in the Second Amendment anymore. You’ll be worried about your ASS!

    This is exactly the overblown reaction courted by the Malignant Left to disarm the “People” and further the socialization of America. History has proven time and time again when a population is disarmed tyranny is just around the corner. Gay pride can have a march. Abortion supporters can have a march. Americans supporting the constitution are ostracized. Are we in the wrong joke? And your “protection” after we’re gone. The police. Just remember, when seconds count the police are only minutes away! Ya Ta Hea, Geronimo!

    The Butcher Shop
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