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Contributing Writer, Nat'l Tea Party Tribune (2010-2013) Contributing Writer, Nat'l Tea Party Tribune (U.S. Eastern Coast, effective February, 2014) Political Affiliation: Registered 'Unaffiliated' (Independent) State of North Carolina Founder, Glendale (AZ) Tea Party Patriots (2009) (Re-named Grassroots Tea Party Activists of Glendale, AZ) Chairman, Glendale (AZ) Tea Party Patriots (2009-11) AZ Representative, Nat'l Tea Party Federation (2010-11) AZ State Coordinator, Nat'l Tea Party Patriots, Inc. (2010-12) Chairman, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Assn. (ATPPA) (2010-12) Literacy Chairman, Arrowhead Republican Women's Assn.(AZ) (2010-12) Board Member, Arrowhead Republican Women's Assn. (AZ) (2011-12) Literacy Committee, Arizona Federation of Republican Women (2011-12) Volunteer Coordinator, Janet Contreras for Congress, AZ CD 4 (2010) Founder, Conservative Republicans of the Great State of North Carolina (2013) National Pro-Life Activist 1987-Present Outstanding Young Women of America (1988)

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...Without a strong economy nothing else really matters, and under Donald Trump's leadership America's economy is booming no matter what the Democrats say....

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The Bible tells us Adam sold us down the river of sin.  His first sin, disobedience was followed by...

Omar and Tlaib…Siding With The Enemy Yet Again

...So it's now come down to a game of words...or should I say twitter fingers...as both newly elected Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have not reigned in their predominantly anti-Israel comments and sentiments...