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Martin is a 46 year old living in CT. He has been writing since 9/14/2001 and now is developing My Mutt Publications. This is a non traditional publishing company that seeks new talent and delivers work in published format inversely from the industry. Martin's writing is prolific as he has written across 5 genres. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Political/Societal books Martin is a registered independent that focuses on constitutional conservatism.

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Trump crossing the swamp

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas – What If...

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas... What if: Many of you haven't heard, but a Muslim Extremist was picked up by...


The next day she walked over to his house about two miles away. She always followed the runway of the airstrip. She enjoyed looking...

Dividing Men and Women: Innocuous Antagonism

Innocuous Antagonism - What Is It? Consider "Innocuous Antagonism."  It took me 8 years to clearly realize how widespread this is now, and how it...