Friday, November 16, 2018
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Martin is a 46 year old living in CT. He has been writing since 9/14/2001 and now is developing My Mutt Publications. This is a non traditional publishing company that seeks new talent and delivers work in published format inversely from the industry. Martin's writing is prolific as he has written across 5 genres. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Political/Societal books Martin is a registered independent that focuses on constitutional conservatism.

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My Mormon Chronicles

I have a love/hate relationship in my life that I like to call my “Mormon Chronicles.” Anyone who reads me for any length of...
Penn &Telle

Categorically Speaking

Categorically Speaking, a quick and simple fact for the fact minded among us: Human brains work on the principle of association. The obvious benefits...

Mitch McConnell: How to Win Without Doing Anything

The best summary of the 2018 mid–term elections came from National Review, that hotbed of Never Trumpism. David French wrote, “Republicans solidified their theoretical...