Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wheelchairs for Warriors

Wheelchairs for Warriors Houston, Texas Wheelchairs for Warriors was founded to meet a unique need within the rescue and service community, those who are disabled...

Tom Trento Invites You to Judge Jeanine Trip to Israel!

Join Judge Jeanine Pirro, Capt. Dan Gordon, Dr. Ron Wexler & Tom Trento on this special fact-finding expedition with visits to cities and towns around the Gaza borders, including Lebanon, the Golan Heights, Judea & Samaria.

Largest Tea Party Facebook group and Citizens for Trump to host YUGE Trump rally

America First pro-Trump rally in Miami’s Tropical Park on Saturday, October 14.

Largest Tea Party Facebook group to host YUGE Trump rally on Sept 9

The oldest and largest Tea Party group on Facebook is proud to team up with Tea Party 40, the powerhouse Miami Tea Party group led by Rosa Pena, in order to hold a giant America First pro-Trump rally in Miami’s Tropical Park on Saturday, September 9.

Trump advisor Roger Stone will visit Lake Mary this Friday

Roger Stone, a former advisor for Richard Nixon and a man under scrutiny by the FBI for colluding with the Russians to help the Trump campaign, will be in Lake Mary, Florida, this Friday for a book signing event.

Portland braces for violence at pro-Trump rally this weekend

But few people here are looking forward to a pro-Trump rally Sunday that’s expected to draw a wide swath of potentially armed white supremacists and allied antigovernment protesters from around the country.

Tom Brady Super Bowl Jersey Stolen Moments After Patriots Win

After his historic win on Sunday, Tom Brady didn't appear angry as he told Patriots owner Robert Kraft that he was unable to locate...

How and When to Watch The Obama Farewell Speech

This evening, Barack Hussein Obama will finally give the farewell speech we've been waiting for for the last eight years. It will air at 9...

President-Elect Trump Secures Win!

The electors voted for President of the United States on December 19, 2016. Throughout these last few weeks, electors were harassed and threatened to flip...

Putting The Hacking Allegations Into Context

Russia was one of our earliest allies. Our relationship with Russia dates back to about 1780 when we appointed representatives to Russia. Later,  Russia even...

Vladimir Putin Invested Millions In Swiss Miss, Gerber, Preparation H, and PetSmart

  Since Election Night and the mainstream media, liberal elitist and alt-left propagandist have been trying very hard to undermine President-elect Trump. Everything he said...

Decades of Systemic Racism at CNN and Turner Broadcasting System

There is an old saying “when you point a finger at someone, there are four more pointing back at you.” This saying is very true,...

Japan To Invest 50 Billion Dollars In The US!

President-elect Trump met with SoftBank’s billionaire Chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son . SoftBank currently has controlling stake in Sprint Corp. After the meeting, the...

Jill Stein Drops Pennsylvania State Wide Recount Suit, But it is Not Over!

Jill Stein stopped her statewide recount push in the Keystone State. However, she is continuing recount bids in individual districts. Her main claim for...

Mysterious Stack of Ballots Found in Day Three of Wisconsin Recount!

  There have  been some surprises in the Wisconsin recount.  One such issue comes from a mysterious stack of uncounted ballots. In Manitowoc County, they saw...

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