Friday, December 9, 2016


A few hours after dropping her recount efforts in Pennsylvania, Jill Stein and her legal team announced that they would be filing a motion...

Liberals Agree To Waste Taxpayers’ Money On Michigan Recount!

  On December 1, 2016, Michigan Secretary of State stated that President-Elect Trump and his campaign filed an objection to the recount petition to the...


  In reference to the petition filed by Jill Stein for a recount, the Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, made the following statement on...

Is The Romney Controversy Just Fake News

President Elect Trump is carefully narrowing down his list of Cabinet posts in recent weeks. Of the many people loyal to him, he has taken the rather controversial step of giving Mitt Romney multiple interviews for the crucial position of Secretary of State.

Libs Losing Their Minds Over Bannon Appointment

President-Elect Donald Trump over the weekend appointed Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist as well as Senior White House Counselor. Libs across America are losing their minds!

Street Artist Trolls Anti-Trump Celebs with Fake Realtor Advertisements

Conservative street artist and provocateur Sabo is poking fun at Hollywood celebrities who have threatened to leave the country in the wake of Donald Trump’s successful election by posting fake “moving sale” realtor posters at locations around Los Angeles.

Unhinged Hollywood Loons Rant Against Trump

Every four years the Hollywood Stars come out to rail against the Republican Presidential nominee. The latest rant happened last night at the Hollywood Film...

Will Julian Assange WikiLeaks ObamaCare?

Imagine if your choice was g0 to jail for vagrancy or get a paid night at the Waldorf-Astoria?

Sex Kitten Megyn Kelly Turns Feminist Warrior

Newt Gingrich is right. Fox News darling, Megyn Kelly obsesses with sex, at least by Trump.

Dickileaks and CNN Meltdown

With the re-opening of the Clinton e-mail probe just 11 days before the election, the Clinton News Network has finally melted down. An amazing thing happened Friday, October 28, just after 1PM ET. CNN, arguably the biggest Hillary media surrogate next to MSNBC lost their minds. Hillary Clinton dominated the news cycle.

The Clinton Foundation Has a Big Tax Problem

Hillary Clinton would love to divert people's attention away from her families extortion racket known as The Clinton Foundation.
obamacare study

Facebook to Censor Posts With Conservative Leanings

It's happening.  Right now.  If you're posting on Facebook, anything that doesn't conform to the views of Zuckerberg et al may be considered "hate speech"...

Trump Team Dumps More GOP Operations in Key Battleground States

Recently we learned that Trump team dumped the OH GOP operation. The Trump team likely came to the obvious conclusion that Kasich and team were...

Obama Saves Liberals with Latest Cuba Edict

In a time when there are more unemployed than at any time in the history of our great nation, Barack Obama acts boldly with...

Judge Jeanine Pirro Defends Trump on Fox News

There is little doubt that 99% of people reading this article have already seen or heard the 'scandalous' Donald Trump hot mike incident from...
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New Uber Rules Threaten To Ban Riders

As of Thursday, Uber has implemented a new set of rules and regulation for their riders and drivers alike. The new guidelines could get Uber...

Beverly Hills Cop Actor Arrested After TSA Screening

Edward "Judge" Reinhold was released from jail in Dallas early Friday morning after refusing to submit to a TSA screening at Dallas Love Field...

Decades of Systemic Racism at CNN and Turner Broadcasting System

There is an old saying “when you point a finger at someone, there are four more pointing back at you.” This saying is very true,...