Thursday, March 21, 2019

Freshman Senator Takes On Enduring Immigration Issues

When I had this idea of running,” Smith said. “I looked through the whole legislature and I said: ‘Well, who do I identify with? Who do I want to talk to, who do I want advice from?’ I asked one person. I asked Russell Pearce.”

States face uphill climb on immigration enforcement after court ruling, DHS shift

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comPosted: June 25th, 2012 States seeking to take immigration enforcement into their own hands are facing an uphill climb, after...

More immigrants from India crossing border

The Indians, whose hiding space was furnished only with soiled mattresses, claimed to be on vacation. But authorities quickly concluded they were waiting to be smuggled into the United States via an 11,000-mile pipeline of human cargo

Arizona immigration bills on hold

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce has placed new legislation on illegal immigration on hold pending action on a new state budget, a spokesman said Friday. Pearce's pause for the bills reflects majority Republicans' stated priority for tackling the state's budget shortfall, spokesman Mike Philipsen told the Associated Press. As Senate president, Pearce has control over scheduling of consideration of legislation. The Mesa Republican is a longstanding champion of measures to crack down on legislation and he was the sponsor of the SB1070 law enacted by Arizona last year.


Is De Leon’s next step California’s separation and exit from the United States?
Mexican Military

Mexican military finds drugs on commercial plane

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexican soldiers seized nearly 200 pounds (90 kilograms) of drugs from the cargo area of an Aeromexico commercial plane scheduled to fly to the northern border city of Tijuana, the military said Saturday. Agents discovered the shipment Friday at the airport in Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city, the Defense Department said in a statement. They confiscated about 100 pounds (50 kilograms) of crystal methamphetamine, 60 pounds (30 kilograms) of heroin and 20 pounds (10 kilograms) of methylphenidate, which is often used to cut heroin, according to the statement. There were no arrests. The Defense Department did not say how the drugs were discovered or give further details on the shipment. Phone calls to Aeromexico representatives rang unanswered Saturday. Tijuana, across the border from San Diego, is a major staging point for funneling drugs into the United States.

Don’t Take Rudy’s Word For It…Take Obama’s!

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on “I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing...

Paco and the New World Order

    So Trump threw a liberal democrat out of a press conference! Alert the media! Not Univision, but the English speaking media we...

2016 – Too Many Hats in the Ring

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on Why are they running or, at the very least, even thinking of...
Tom Horne - Obama Illegal Voters in AZ

Horne: Obama wants illegal immigrants to vote in Arizona

Attorney General Tom Horne accused the Obama administration Tuesday of trying to thwart Arizona’s voter-ID laws in a bid to get more illegal immigrants to the polls — presumably to cast ballots for the president and Democrats. Horne acknowledged that a brief filed by the Department of Justice in a case to be heard next month by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals centers around the agency’s argument that Arizona’s law requiring proof of citizenship to register is pre-empted by federal law. But Horne, a Republican, told Capitol Media Services he sees something more sinister.

Concerns Over Illegal Immigration Becoming Mainstream

Once upon a time opposition to illegal immigration was championed by a few special interest groups and outspoken leaders like Tom Tancredo and Sheriff...
Border Patrol Using Un-Manned Drone

Greg Sowards: An ounce of Prevention

I have always been an advocate for maintaining the rule of law in America. There are many laws at the federal level that are currently unenforced, particularly in the southern states that border Mexico.
Girl reading English

That Was The Week That Was

That was the week that was, it’s over, let it go. With the regularly scheduled civil war on the horizon, we worked our way...

Families urge action on undocumented felons

By Mike Lillis The father of a young San Francisco woman allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant felon is calling on Congress to take swift...

America is Not Racist!! Yay!! DC March for Jobs!

By Victoria Jackson America is not racist! It’s funny to me how the left is trying so hard to start some riots, and begin a...

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