Thursday, July 20, 2017

Direct and to the point

Our guns and the NRA are all that stand between us and Obama wanting to take away our Second Amendment right 'to keep and bear arms'. From our cold dead hands...

Newtown…gun control’s needed catalyst

Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the man who tried to hide the fact (but couldn't) that disarming the citizenry has been part of his agenda since day one...the man who needed just the right 'event' to cram that agenda down our throats, especially when the Colorado Movie Massacre didn't do it...the phony who 'cried' dry tears when conveniently Newtown came along...Newtown where 20 of the 26 killed were children...5 and 6 year old babies....and finally Obama had his needed 'event and was off and running.

Thoughts on the Anniversary of General Robert E. Lee’s Birth

This is a "revised and extended" re-post of an article I wrote in 2011 to mark an anniversary of General Lee's death. It celebrates...

It’s all about the photo-op…say cheese

And so it begins with the photo-op of all photo-ops...Obama signing 23 gun control restrictions by using Executive Order, all while a 'rainbow coalition' of children (one with a muslim sounding name) stand dutifully behind him smiling ever so sweetly.

URGENT: How to beat Barack Obama’s executive order gun control

It is often said that the Second Amendment is the First Amendment. Without it there can be no others. The Obama Administration just announced plans to use as many as 23 new executive orders to weaken our Second Amendment. These new orders will chip away at our Constitutional right to possess and bare arms. From limiting the amount of ammunition we can buy to an outright reinstatement of the assault weapons ban; the government is coming hard after our firearms.

A Librul’s Views on Gun Control, Wealth Redistribution and Welfare

This is a guest post by the Very Honorable Ima Librul, Senator from the State of Confusion Utopia. He recently explained some of his...

Is Today the Beginning or the End of the Monarchy?

Today, January 14, 2013 President Obama stated at a White House press conference, ”My understanding is the vice president’s going to provide a range of steps that we can take to reduce gun violence. Some of them will require legislation, some of them I can accomplish through executive action.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama…a firearm dealer’s dream come true gotta love Obama for one thing...he's helped put more firearms in the hands of 'We the People' like nothing ever has before.

Acts of madmen must never result in loss of liberty for freemen

By Jim Mullen Predictably, after the last appalling act of an evil lunatic on children and unarmed citizens, the media and left-wing politicians have been...

Four men that must NOT be confirmed

This week VP Uncle Joe 'Bite-Me' Biden openly stated to anyone and everyone that would listen that Obama will soon start on his quest to strip away at, and try to totally dismantle, the Second Amendment. By his threatening to sign yet another one of his endless Executive Orders, this one calling for gun control, Obama is deliberately overriding Congress, because he knows gun control legislation will NOT pass the Republican majority House.

David Gregory Will Not Be Prosecuted or Arrested for Illegal Magazine Possession

Well, we saw this one coming. It's been nearly a month since NBC's Meet the Press host David Gregory illegally possessed a 30-round ammunition magazine on national television during an interview with NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. During the interview, Gregory made it clear he supports a ban on high capacity magazines. Washington D.C. firearms law states it is a crime to possess any ammunition magazine that holds more than 10-bullets, even if the magazine is empty.

Gun control…NO way!

Using, for political expediency alone, the Newtown tragedy as a rallying cry, Uncle Joe 'Bite-Me' Biden has been bloviating whenever and wherever he can that Obama is considering implementing either an Executive Order or an Executive Action as a means to achieve gun control. And why...

FaceBook censorship continues…and is getting worse…much worse

As many of you know by now conservative bloggers (both bloggers 'of name' and grassroots bloggers like me), online reporters, and conservative posters, have been harassed by FaceBook for about a week now and it's getting worse...much worse

Guns and Regulation

In past history, generals and political leaders alike, when seizing power the first thing they do is seize the weapons of the population. From...

Gun Control will Stop School Massacres ???

Sure it will. Had just one of the administrators of that school been “packing” the slaughter might have been stopped much earlier. Three administrators...

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The Solution to a Subversive Problem

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio Fact: in today’s America we have a muslim problem no...


Hey Arizona; Your days of bemoaning having liberal RINO Senators might be coming to an end. Well at least for half of your Senator allotment anyway.

Kid Rock begins outlining platform for Senate run

The “I Am the Bulldog” singer fueled speculation that he may seek higher office when he posted a “Kid Rock for US Senate” campaign sign on his Twitter account last week.