Lucas Yonkman

Lucas Yonkman: Hero’s Path to Councilman Position!

Lucas Yonkman, US Army Vet and business owner in Oak Harbor, Washington, made headlines in January when he spoke up at a town council meeting concerning Second Amendment rights being infringed by city ordinances.

America sold out…again

In defiance of the US Senate and thumbing his nose once again at the Constitution, today or within the next few days, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is expected to sign the ratification of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

Today Will Be the Last Day of My Husband’s Life …

Ben and I have been married for 1 year, 4 months and 2 days. Ben has just 16.5 hours left here on this earth...

The Interview: Terry McAuliffe & the Boston Attack

(A source within the McAuliffe for Governor campaign leaked a copy of this transcript from an interview with a New York Times Sunday Magazine...

Umbrella Organizations Always Leave Taxpayers Wet

Sen. Tom Coburn (R–OK), a truly great American, has released his annual report on waste, duplication and redundancy in federal programs. Evidently inspecting catfish...

Obama’s DHS: Drones, Hollow Points, and Secrecy

What has our Department of Homeland Security metamorphosed into? Our third largest government agency has been stockpiling weapons and ammunition at a very alarming...

West Virginia Joe Manchin (D) with Obama on gun grab

By Jim Mullen U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) still doesn’t get it. He can’t fathom the reality that the freedom-loving Mountaineers of West Virginia are...

Everyone Must be Fair, Honest, Reasonable and Use Common Sense. Like Me.

Thus spake our Beloved Lord and Master King Fair and Reasonable I This is another guest post by one of the most enlightened Libruls in Congress,...

Jesus, Another Innocent Man Wrongly Convicted

Few pastimes are more entertaining than witnessing a smug, non–orthodox Jew giving instruction on New Testament theology to Christians. Last Saturday the most reverend...

Senator Ted Cruz not only Swept the floor on the Gun Control Hearings

ted cruz swept the floor on the gun gontrol

Arms, Liberty and Security

There is a relationship between “weapons” and “liberty”. That is because “arms” and “liberation” are also linked. The matter fuels debates that reflect semantics, hidden agendas as well as pre-conceptions. Often enough not the facts are discussed. In the writer’s case, the bias is clear. It comes from running in Budapest bearing a pistol with six shots in the clip with a Soviet T34 in pursuit.

Government officials get to keep their gun of choice but ‘We the People’ don’t

While we know that Senator Dianne Feinstein's 'Assault Weapons Ban' is going nowhere, and that for all intents and purposes it's dead in the water as the saying goes (Republican controlled House and NOT enough votes in the Senate), still the hypocrisy of it all is totally amazing.

What part of “shall not be infringed” do politicians not understand?

Jessie Duff, competition shooter, made an appearance on the Hannity Show last evening. She walked the audience through various semi-automatic firearms; rifles and handguns. It was quite educational for those who do not understand what is being discussed in the media and by politicians lately as a “military-style assault rifle”. Educate yourself, then share with others.

The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Interpretation

Part I dealt with guns and the Second Amendment. Part II dealt mainly with the First Amendment. This Part III looks at the origins and purposes of the Bill of Rights and questions the direction in which our nation is headed.

Gun Control, People Control and Our Tired Old Constitution

Part I Although it does not reflect modern Librul thinking, the Second Amendment is co-equal with the rest of the Bill of Rights in guaranteeing the...

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