Sunday, January 20, 2019

Arizona New Times blogger,Stephen Lemons – Victimizes – Republican candidate, Olivia Cortes

In his latest attempt at selling hate in Arizona New Times blogger, Stephen Lemons, has chosen a new victim of his bullying that can loosely be called journalism. That victim is Republican candidate, Olivia Cortes, who is also running in the LD 18 Special Election that will finish this November.

Eliminate School Shootings Overnight

Eliminate School Shootings Overnight I ran across this and was so impressed that I took the trouble to copy, edit and share. It was originally...
Violence flared in the wake of the victory by President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from the south.

Election Fuels Deadly Clashes in Nigeria

Ethnic and religious tensions between Muslims in the north and Christians in the south, discrimination by southerners against immigrants from the north, and frustration over corruption in a country where most subsist on less than $2 a day while top officials have access to billions in oil revenues have set off the latest round of clashes, much as they have in the past.

Netanyahu: Israel Needs to Govern Like Trump, Make More Political Appointments

Prime minister complains to his cabinet about a requirement to use search committees to name senior officials. The Trump administration will have 4,000 political appointees and Israel could use just a few hundred, he adds.

A Productive Week

This has been a productive week! That’s good news, and bad. I mean, I don’t write for Better Homes and Gardens. Things gotta get...

CRUZ: I’m proud to stand with Gov. Mike Pence, and I urge Americans to...

Issues Statement on Religious Freedom Restoration Act HOUSTON, Texas — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, issued the following statement today in support of Governor Mike...

State Rep. Patterson calls allegations unsubstantiated

The drama surrounding a southern Arizona lawmaker continues at the state Capitol.

Romney Rejects Obama’s European Socialism – Sort of

Romney believes the problem with Obama’s economic prescription for America – one that is a larger version put into practice by the GOP establishmentarian George W. Bush (stimulus and bailouts) – is geographical and not political in nature.

Obama to call for ‘pause’ in Syria strike vote amid negotiations

President Obama plans to call for a “pause” Tuesday night in the push for a congressional vote on military action in Syria, senior administration...

Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare

The court Thursday ruled as constitutional the so-called individual mandate requiring most Americans to obtain health insurance starting in 2014.
Gabby Giffords to be transfered

Gabby Giffords will be transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehab Facility

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is expected to be released from a Tucson, Ariz., hospital Friday just less than two weeks after she suffered a gunshot wound to her head, her office said today.

What You Need to Know About the Deadly MERS Virus

By Lara Salahi The mysterious virus with origins in the Middle East has now spread to 18 countries around the world, including the United States....

Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run, Will Decide in Days

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is reconsidering his decision not to enter the 2012 presidential race — and he says he will let top Republican donors know within days about his plans.

Obama’s Liberal Fascism

“Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic and longs for a national leader attuned to...

Bernanke Unmasks Obama’s Big Lie

By Mr. Curmudgeon: “If you tell a lie big enough,” said Hitler’s propaganda mouthpiece Joseph Goebbels, “and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to...

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I Believe In America!

Democrats! Pull your heads out of “Mr Ass” and listen to YOUR president’s preposal. He compromised, he offered real solutions, and even offered to...
Trump crossing the swamp

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