The Rainbow Flag

Did a lot of reflection this weekend. First and foremost I didn't drink a drop. Sometimes you just gotta use the old brain if...

Republican donor sues GOP for fraud over ObamaCare repeal failure

A Republican donor in Virginia has filed a lawsuit against the national and Virginia Republican parties, accusing them of fraud and racketeering for raising millions of dollars in donations knowing they wouldn't be able to repeal ObamaCare.

$500,000 California Endowment to Push Obamcare on TV

Corporate owned news stations are not enough to provide bias views, The California Endowment has granted $500,000 to promote Obamacare on major TV shows air time. The $500,000 grant was provided to “help TV writers tell better stories about the new health insurance law.”

Gramma’s Sex Change at TaxPayers Cost

By Frank Aquila “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” is now known to many as the lie of the century. Over 4 million...

Veterans Are the Healthcare Canary in a Coal Mine

Between today and June 6th’s 70th anniversary of the D–Day landing I want you to find a veteran and talk to him. This doesn’t...

Tea Party’s activists divided over Trump

As Donald Trump looks to land a knock-out punch in the upcoming Florida primary, some activists are questioning his conservative credentials. Jenny Beth Martin, CEO...


In the debate over Obamacare, Congressional Republicans are in complete agreement with Democrats that government must solve the “healthcare problem,” they just simply disagree as to the means. Unfortunately, in this as in many other areas, the party of the free market has shown little regard for its principles.

Sebelius’ for the camera ‘dog and pony’ show

“Don’t do this to me,” said Kathleen Sebelius when she thought she was off-mike…how about ‘don’t do this (ObamaCare) to ‘We the People.’ And so...

ObamaCare: When Socialist Theory Meets Practice

America is lucky to have had two great social theorists: Yogi Berra and Richard Feynman. Had the Democrats heeded their words of wisdom when the issue of ObamaCare arose they'd not be sliding down the slippery slope they greased all by themselves.

Texas Facing Huge Obamacare Premium Hikes

Who’s up for a 58% health insurance premium rate hike? Barely a month ago, I blogged about a nasty November surprise lurking in the electoral...

Math Class

Ok, MATH class! What do you have when a bunch of people say they like a guy, and he bubbles to the top of...

Congressman Trent Franks statement on leaving Congress

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks has announced his decision to resign from Congress, according to a statement he released Thursday on the matter.

SHOCKER!! Dem Jim Moran Admits ObamaCare not Working; No Solution

Wow! This is significant. Here is audio of liberal Democrat Rep. Jim Moran admitting that young people are simply not signing up for ObamaCare in...

Trump issues executive order to ease ‘economic burden’ of ACA

Trump's order promises to "create a more free and open healthcare market."

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry suggests ‘Obamacare’ same as n-word

On Sunday, Melissa Harris-Perry, the MSNBC host who said children belong to the entire community, suggested the term "Obamacare" is interchangeable with the n-word, the Daily Caller reported.

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