Monday, October 22, 2018

MLK’s misused message

On this day, a consideration of MLK's legacy, in his own words, should be a memorial exclusive to his wise assessment that there is...
Wake Up America sign costing the Russells over $7,000

North Texas Couple Sued over Showing Support for Glenn Beck

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Let Them Be Racist

"The whiteness of paper has nothing to do with the clarity of vision that comes with viewing darker colors on a lighter page and everything to do with white supremacy."

Anti-Americanism Disguised as Ethnic Studies in Tucson Schools

The program is known as “raza studies,” which means race studies, championed by organizations like the far left organization National Council of La Raza

Equal Rights versus Equal Opportunity

A recent story broke concerning a young woman, Julia Sullivan, who was born legless with elbow-terminating arms....and wants to be a cheerleader at Nebraska's...
Iranian Flag

Stressful Plight: Understanding Oppression in Iran

By Benjamin Smith Do we really want to understand what’s going on in Iran? Do we have a desire to truly have insight into what...
An MTA bus sign denoting numbers and corresponding routes in downtown Los Angeles.

Feds to investigate civil-rights claims against L.A. bus authority

Activists in L.A. say the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has discriminated against minorities and the poor by cutting their bus routes first. The MTA says it welcomes the federal audit. Los Angeles Outside the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority building, protesters chanted, waved signs on cue, and gleefully celebrated a decision they hope will affect city transit authorities coast to coast: The Federal Transit Administration will conduct a comprehensive civil-rights audit of the MTA.

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