Don’t Not Do That!

Buying health insurance will no longer be an option because failing to do so will be illegal. In other words, “Don’t not do that!” or face the full force of the law and miraculously not doing something becomes doing something.
House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio

Boehner: ‘Read My Lips: We’re Going to Cut Spending’

House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) said Thursday that he would not agree to another temporary extension of federal government funding at current levels, upping the stakes in the debate over federal spending.

Hand them their Pink Slips

They didn’t come to Washington to play nice. And the 87 Republican House freshmen are proving to be pains in the neck for establishment Republicans striving to make Obama’s transformation of America more workable. “We’re not enamored of this place,” Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fl) told the New York Times. “I came out of the private sector, a life I enjoyed. I sleep in a bed every night with a woman I went to first grade with. I wasn’t running for a job. I was running – and I think you will find this to be the case with many freshmen – to produce results.”

U.S. Senate Democrats Told to Embrace Spending Cuts or Risk Voter Rebuff

Democratic senators gathered at a Virginia resort last week to plot political strategy got alarming news from a trusted pollster: Republicans are winning the debate over dealing with the budget deficit. The Democrats learned that while the public’s top concern is improving the economy, more voters view cutting spending rather than investing as the best way to do so. And right now, they trust Republicans more to do the trimming.

“If The Tea Party Wants To Oppose Mica, We Accept That”

I was contacted today by District Representative Dick Harkey. The conversation that ensued left me dumbfounded upon it's completion. Having interacted with dozens of elected officials and their staff by this point, I've come to learn that respectful, productive dialogue is critical if you hope to have your concerns heard. Being very conscience of this, I was quick to defer at all times throughout the conversation, giving Mr. Harkey every opportunity to do the right thing.

The Eight Hardest States for Senate Democrats in 2012

One of the reasons Senate Democrats are so bashful about changing the rules to weaken the power of the minority is that most folks expect that’s exactly where Democrats will be after next year.
congress letter to Obama

Congress corrects President Obama with National Motto Letter

Congress corrects President Obama Not much media coverage on this... This is an actual letter sponsored by Michelle Bachmann and others in Congress. Since the contents of the letter and what it represents are not getting any national media coverage, it is good to know that the letter is now and forever part of the public record, for future generations to read.

Senate ends secret ‘holds’

The U.S. Senate has agreed to change its rules and eliminate secret "holds," a tactic that has allowed lawmakers to anonymously block legislation and appointments. A resolution to change the practice passed on a 92-4 vote.

The Republican Divide on Obamacare

Wednesday evening, House Republicans made good on their campaign pledge to repeal abominable Obamacare. But the House debate against the president’s measure signals a rift within the GOP that could mean Obamacare’s continued existence even if in 2012 Obama loses the White House and Republicans become the majority in the US Senate.

A Congress that Reasserts its Power!

Unlike most of the 111 that preceded it, the 112th Congress must begin the process of restoring the national regime and civic culture the Founders bequeathed.
112 freshman congress sworn in today

The new 112th Congress will be sworn in today 1-5-2011

It's the big day on the Hill: The 112th Congress is being sworn-in. Power is changing hands in the House. The Senate welcomes a class of 12 new Republicans and a lone freshman Democrat. We'll follow the formalities, and interesting informal moments, closely here on On Congress. Check in throughout the day for updates. To get started, hereÕs our version of the schedule of events.

New AZ Congress members David Schweikert and Paul Gosar headed to D.C.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - This week the new U.S. Congress will meet for the first time and Arizona is sending two more Republicans this year. Paul Gosar and David Schweikert are a part of the Republicans' take over of the House of Representatives. The two took the Arizona seats formerly held by Democrats.

Tea Party Republicans Vow to Attack Deficit Spending ‘Once and for All’ in Next...

Republicans elected to Congress with the help of Tea Party support pledged Sunday to devote themselves to balancing the budget over all else when they start their new jobs on Wednesday.

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