Thursday, March 21, 2019

Game Changer! Arizona to Pass 2012 Eligibility Law

A plan in Arizona to require presidential candidates to prove their eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is approaching critical mass, even though it has just been introduced.

Former Virginia senator George Allen is running for his old job.

Former Virginia senator George Allen (R) announced on Monday that he is running for his old job.
Herman Cain for President 2012

Herman Cain Talks With Sean Hannity About Potential 2012 Presidential Run

If anybody wants to know why Herman Cain should run for the GOP candidate for President in 2012, just Google his name. THE Herman Cain is a superstar in business and a common-sense thinker. He leads his own "Intelligent Thinkers Movement," a.k.a. "H-I-T-M" a.k.a. "Hit 'em, Herman!" Visit him at

Will Mitt Romney and the tea party mix?

Mitt Romney seems to be avoiding the tea party, I say "Good!" A recent in article in the Boston Globe entitled “Romney keeps away from Tea Party” discusses the fact that Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and 2008 presidential candidate, has been avoiding being linked with the tea party movement. It also says the tea party seems to be avoiding Romney. I say good, because like oil and water, Romney and the tea party won’t mix.

Long shots lining up to Run for the White House

WASHINGTON — The election is nearly two years away, but Rutherford B. Hayes is readying his presidential campaign. That's Rutherford Bert Hayes, a 42-year-old Navy veteran who runs a gutter business and is no relation to the nation's 19th president. Hayes is one of the 76 people who have filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to start raising money for the 2012 presidential contest. Their ranks don't yet include high-profile political figures, such as Republicans Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, former governors who are widely viewed as weighing a challenge to President Obama. Instead, the early filers are Randy Crow, a North Carolina Republican who is making his fourth White House bid, and Dennis Knill, a home remodeler from Sedona, Ariz., who can't remember exactly the last time he voted. Under federal campaign law, they don't become official candidates until they actually raise or spend $5,000, but nothing stops them from filling out the FEC's one-page "statement of candidacy" long before the election. In the 2008 election, a total 366 individuals, ranging from Hillary Rodham Clinton to a Florida resident named Emperor Caesar, completed the presidential paperwork. That's up from 223 four years earlier.

Political thugs crawl out of the woodwork to attack conservatives like Tom Morrissey

As the conservative candidate for Arizona State Republican Chairman, I am firmly convinced that an abrupt change in course is required to take on the Democrat challenge in 2012.

Local elections, it all starts here

While sitting here surrounded by drifts of snow it can be hard to think spring isn’t all that far away. And here in Massachusetts, spring is the time when local elections are held. For local tea parties this needs to be a time to become involved in these local races. While we all want to make a difference at the national level in politics, we can’t forget the local level. This is the place where we as members of the tea party can really make a difference.

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