Saturday, April 20, 2019

Universal basic income ditched in Canada

Only stupid liberals/socialists would even consider such an idiotic idea. A Canadian province has ditched a universal basic income welfare program after the government found...

Government Is Stealing EVERYONE’s Wealth, Rich and Poor

Newly printed federal money, from the Treasury or the FED, is guaranteed to cause inflation the moment it is created.  Inflation IS theft, that's why the original FED mandate was for STABLE prices, not constant inflation like they proclaim now.

Amazon and Starbucks blast Seattle tax to fight homelessness

  Just as was expected, Amazon and Starbucks have hit out at a decision to impose a new tax on firms based in Seattle to...

Seattle approves ‘head tax’ on large businesses despite Amazon’s opposition

Do you know what is wrong with a head tax?  Most likely, not one penny will be spent on the homeless, as they don't want to be saved.
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The Ignored American Dumpster Fire – Inflation

Why can't everyone see high inflation themselves, if it's so high? Before you dismiss the finding as "fear mongering," the invisibility of inflation is easily...

Feds to investigate California’s over priced Bullet Train

  The biggest boondoggle of California is now under investigation by the  U.S. Department of Transportation as costs continue to climb on a multi-billion dollar high-speed...

Trump says NAFTA talks going ‘nicely,’ Canada sees progress on auto rules

    Tuesday President Trump said  a new North American Free Trade Agreement could be agreed on quickly, as Canada hailed progress on forging new rules for...

Trump’s next $100 billion tariff dilemma: hit Wal-Mart or Apple Store?

But exactly how  much the news tariffs would hit wallets depends on variables that make calculating the impact of the tariffs on individual products hard to measure. Companies can absorb some of the costs, and some companies can shift production in China to other countries, cutting the final bill for America's shoppers.

Republicans push for second tax vote in Congress, Democrats say ‘Let’s see’

Republican congressional leaders are moving forward with a plan to vote before the 2018 midterm elections on a bill to make permanent the temporary individual tax cuts in their recent tax overhaul.

Trump says Russia, China playing ‘currency devaluation game’

  Monday President Donald Trump accused Russia and China  of devaluing their currencies while the United States raises interest rates. In a Twitter post, Trump said that Russia...

Trump creates task force to study postal system finances

This new task force, will have assigned duties to study factors including its pricing in the package delivery market and will have 120 days to submit a report with recommendations.

Real Disposable Incomes in U.S. Increase Most Since 2015

Americans’ wallets fattened in January on recent tax cuts, indicating increased spending power may boost the economy this quarter.

BROKE: New FEC Report Shows DNC Finished June $3.3 Million in Debt

Under the leadership of former Obama official Tom Perez, a new FEC report reveals the DNC finished the month of June $3.3 million in debt.

Federal Money Policy Deflates Your Savings 9% Per Year !

The Government’s Most Insidious Thief is Not Taxes;  It’s Inflation In the field of data analysis, it is critical to “back test” your estimates to...

Carrier Tax Incentive Leaves Progressives Baffled

  Instead of praising President-Elect Trump for this pro-domestic employment feat, some are coming out swinging against the President-Elect.Senator Bernie Sanders claims Trump “has...

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