Saturday, November 18, 2017

Smoot-Hawley: A Victim of Socialist Economic Propaganda

Level The Playing Field It's time to give Smoot-Hawley another chance.  A "level playing field."  Smoot-Hawley was blamed as a depression-era failure when the economy was...

BREAKING: Pelosi Abandons Obama On Trade Deal

By ERICA WERNER AND CHARLES BABINGTON Despite a last-minute appeal, President Barack Obama's top-priority trade legislation teetered in the House on Friday as Democratic Leader Nancy...

Who’s Afraid of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

The U.S. Senate just approved a “fast track” to negotiate and vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement, and some on the far...

More Problems in the Form of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media Point blank…our beloved America is in trouble…big trouble…as scandal...

The Trans Pacific Partnership: The most DANGEROUS legislation you never heard of…until now

Forget about Executive Amnesty for a moment. Forget about repealing The Unaffordable Careless Act. Forget about who is going to run or not run...

Twenty Years of NAFTA Sucking Sound

Ah, what a better world the Free Traders built. With the rush to the bottom, the commemoration of the NAFTA 20th anniversary is a...

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Bowe Bergdahl – An American Traitor

He arrived at his court martial hearing before Military Judge Col. Jeffery R Nance, regaled in ‘dress blues’…a disgrace to the uniform…a disgrace to his country…and by now we all know his story well…a story that began on the night of June 30, 2009,

A Protection Racket Wrapped in a Cover-up

Is the entire Mueller investigation a false flag distraction to cover the tracks of the people who really did attempt to undermine an American presidential election?

For Roy Moore, a Long History of Combat and Controversy

Today, rather than flee, or at least quit his race for the Senate, as many are demanding, Mr. Moore is declaring his innocence and charging ahead despite allegations of improper sexual behavior.