Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Founders on Redistribution

The founders wrote the U.S. Constitution with the protection of private property foremost in their minds. Property is the fruit of our labor, and the founders knew that limiting the government’s ability to tax or confiscate our property was one of the best ways to ensure individual liberty.

MSNBC Guest Blames Bachmann, Palin, and Talk Radio for Tucson Tragedy

Many in the establishment media have blamed Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and talk radio for this tragedy, while the facts prove otherwise:

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli 2011 Healthcare Freedom and Repeal Amendment

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli 2011 Healthcare Freedom and Repeal Amendment. Video by Lisa Miller, Tea Party WDC
MSM civility

MSM Civility

It seems as though the main stream media's attack on conservatives has blown up in their face.

State Rep. Jim Pitts on the Tea Party

Comment From the Facebook: Ohhhh! State Rep. Jim Pitts, you are so wrong! We will not forget! We however are hoping that you along with...

Rancor prompts resignations in Arizona

Three Republican Party district officials step down, citing increasing venom from conservative 'tea party' rivals.

Shooting in Tucson, Arizona Part 3 – Where the Responsibility Really Lies

"Humphries has been instructed by police to "stay away from public places" after he and his family received numerous threats from people who seem to hold him and his organization responsible for Jared Lee Loughner's shooting rampage.

The Champions of Virtue

Back in the summer of 2007, in a long puff piece extolling the virtues of Sen. John Edwards, then a Democratic candidate for president, Matt Bai of the New York Times wrote, “After watching Bush and the Republicans turn John Kerry into the caricature of a vacillating politician, Edwards came away from the 2004 campaign with a critical insight: campaigns are about who you are, not what policies you propose.” Of course, we all know who John Edwards is and will forever remain: the man who cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, fathering a child with his mistress.

Cornel West “Barack Obama Is NOT The Fulfillment Of Martin Luther King’s Dream!”

January 13, 2011 C-SPAN Some YouTube Comments: MaxMyrmyr: Henry Kissinger made Obama, therefore he is the fulfillment of Kissinger's dream. fractalchez: Anyone who thinks that the first...

Tea party movement should avoid social trap

Local tea party groups need to decide whether they should get involved in "social issues".

Climate of Hate

It’s understandable that a victim of Tucson’s shooting rampage, which killed 6 and wounded 14 (including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords), would be angry. And it’s only human that he would wish the shooter ill. But 63-year-old Democratic Party activist James Eric Fuller appears to be angry with everyone but the alleged shooter, Jared Loughner. In various interviews, Fuller, who was shot in the left knee, said the Tucson tragedy was inspired by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Nevada’s GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle and even the new House Speaker John Boehner – none of whom were anywhere near the scene of the crime.
Rick Ungar

Rick Ungar Claims Tea Party Shamed By Founder Judson Phillips

In the aftermath of the horrible events in Tucson, I can certainly appreciate how Tea Party organizations around the nation may be feeling a high degree of sensitivity. As Congresswoman Giffords is a Democrat, fresh off a highly combative and nasty congressional race with a Tea Party backed candidate, the first reaction of many liberals will be to point a finger in the direction of the Tea Party.

Why we are obliged to impeach the Iowa Supreme Court – REPRESENTATIVE TOM SHAW

Independent Does Not Mean Unaccountable January 16, 2011 Tom W. Shaw - State Representative, Iowa House District 8 I was present in the Iowa House chambers on Wednesday morning, January 12th, and listened to the Condition of the Judiciary speech delivered by Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Cady. After discussing the financial woes of the Judicial Department, he launched into a tongue-lashing directed at the elected representatives of “We the People” of Iowa, and also at “We the People” themselves.
Iowa Supreme Court Not Supreme Beings

Hey guys, The supreme court, not the Supreme Being – (The People vs. the...

Chief Justice Cady dishonors and disrespects the People, the People’s House, and our Constitution. If arrogance was an impeachable offense the remaining four members of the Iowa Supreme Court would already be impeached. It probably would have happened yesterday.

Tea Party Faces Challenges as GOP Gains Stronger Control

Welcome to Washington, Tea Partiers. Now that they're freshmen in a GOP-run House, the political movement's candidates are running smack into the traditions, partisan divisions and powerful competing interests that make it so hard to redirect the government. Some Tea Party activists — part of a loose-knit, libertarian-tinged network advocating small government and less federal spending — already are dismayed to see their new lawmakers plunge into familiar patterns of raising political cash, hiring former lobbyists and stopping short of the often-heard vow to "change the way Washington works." Others are more lenient and patient. "There's a little bit of expectation that they can do more than they really can do," said Sal Russo, a California-based co-founder of the Tea Party Express. Democrats still control the Senate and White House, he noted in an interview from Wyoming, where he was visiting potential Senate candidates for 2012.

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