Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Onion

From the death of Lavoy Finicum to little boys knocking on the door expecting a deceased father to answer, it has been a rocking...

Can’t Touch This

Years ago, in another life, I was a devout Catholic. I wasn’t kidding. I was a fired up believer, complete with holy water, Rosary,...

Kathleen Parker and Naughty Words

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker. She claims she’s a conservative. Four years ago she cooed over candidate Barack Obama.

Is the Culture War Over ?

Knowing that there is no fool like an old fool, the seasoned citizen trying to prove he hasn’t lost his grip on America’s rapidly...

Fall again?

By Bremmer At first sight, despite the summer has come, it is only wording considering political nonsense… Unfortunately, it is only the primary impression, regardless...
Famous Mitt Romney supporters 2012

The Dems don’t have a hold on the ‘famous’

By Diane Sori Today’s Op-ed is quite different as I was asked by a local campaign office to please compose a list of notable Romney...

The Laird and the Republican Rabble

The Delaware Republican convention is a right of spring and occurs along the beach just a few miles from where I work. State Democrats, with claims of being more egalitarian, make their decisions behind closed doors. You might think such a major difference would encourage more people to get behind what appears a more open Republican Party. Don’t be fooled.

Of The Elites, By The Elites And For The Elites

As the sole administrator of a conservative web site, I read far more than the average tea party member and ingest a steady intake of the many seemingly insurmountable problems that we face as a nation and a people. Ask around in tea party circles and it will not take very long to find those who refer to me as a naysayer, one who tends to dwell on the negative. When you take a hard look at where America stands, it's easy to develop this mind set.


Revolution! Jot that down, there’ll be a quiz later. Back in the day there was this act by congress. The Civil Rights Act of...
Herman Cain "The Herminator"

The Cain Train has Jumped the Track!

As if the allegations of sexual harassment weren’t enough to seal the deal, enter Greta Van Susteren and her interview of Gloria Cain, his wife of 43 years.

The Stakes In The Latest Petro-Political Games In The Middle East

The Stakes In The Latest Petro-Political Games In The Middle East... by Gerald A. Honigman A dear friend and academic mentor of over four decades recently...

Wisconsin Ed Schultz & The Bloody Paradigm Shift

Every Republican this year seeking political office should adopt Scott Walker’s governing blueprint. The primary lesson from Wisconsin this week is that most taxpayers no longer wish to carry the freight for government workers. If I’m responsible for planning my own future I can’t succeed while bearing the bureaucrats on my back.

Jesus, Another Innocent Man Wrongly Convicted

Few pastimes are more entertaining than witnessing a smug, non–orthodox Jew giving instruction on New Testament theology to Christians. Last Saturday the most reverend...

Occupy Wall Street; A Racist’s Revolution

No longer was protester’s disdain directed solely at government for partaking in an unwanted war. It spread to corporate America. Big business was seen as whores making profit off the lives of innocent Americans and government was their pimp.

Forward to Socialism

by Ken Blackwell for Townhall.com May 01, 2012 Someone in the Obama campaign should find a new line of work. They’ve adopted as a slogan the single...

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Democrat Hypocrisy on Border Wall in their own words

Democrats call anyone who supports a border wall a racist.  Yet, didn’t these same prominent Democrats also once support and even voted to secure a border wall, fence, barrier, or whatever you want to call it?  Does that make these same Democrats either hypocrites or reformed racists?
Jake Patterson

Judge Roy Bean’s Ruling on the Jake Patterson Case

”Tomorrow the sun will rise and wake the desert from the chill of night. Cactus flowers will open. Creatures both great and small will...

The Not So Silent Majority

Far from being a unified nation, America is a collection of self interested special interest groups, each of which occasionally will run afoul of...