Saturday, November 18, 2017

The “Government Sold To Highest Bidder” Hoax

Good Old Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter is in the news lamenting the sold out government, as if he is unaware socialism always becomes a sellout ideology...

Puerto Rico Not Too Broke to Pay Debt, OppenheimerFunds Says

Puerto Rico’s governor says the island’s $72 billion debt load is too big to pay. OppenheimerFunds Inc., the largest mutual-fund holder of the bonds, disagrees.

Why Your Social Security Promises Are Empty

Why is your social security promise increasingly meaningless? Because federal borrowing fails MATHEMATICALLY to provide funding for it: The national debt is unpayable. Let's use only...

2016 Republican Candidates: Why there is only one who can win The White House

The year has barely begun and already 2016 Presidential hopefuls are making moves, setting things up, and jockeying for position. Right now it seems...

Real Conservatives…Real Issues

By Craig Andresen on October 17, 2014 at 3:33 am A Conversation Between Craig and Diane By: Craig Andresen and Diane Sori (RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS) Craig: I...

The Courage to Change

Self-confidence is needed to propel nations from the past into the future. As we look back and around myths appear to be a reoccurring product of all communities, civilizations, nations and religions. This is so because of our addiction to explanations that can create “order” amidst the seeming capriciousness of man’s experiences. This craving for certainty and their incessant repetition sustains myths so that their illusions serve as substitute truths.

Obama’s Reelection Will Ensure Complete U.S. Economic Collapse

This coming presidential election will determine whether the U.S. ends up in another Great Depression or pulls out of the economic slump. There are...

The Biggest Legalized Theft of Middle Class American Wealth

Almost no one is talking about the most serious financial catastrophe taking place in the U.S. today. Instead everyone is focused on reigning in...
Traders were spooked by the report that GE was voluntarily going to repay billions in tax refunds

GE shares hit by hoax

The bogus release was the work of an activist group that wanted to draw attention to GE's use of tax avoidance measures to cut its tax bill, but the biggest victim of the hoax might not be the company, rather the news outlets that ran the fictitious story.

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Gloria Allred’s Blunder on Roy Moore’s Yearbook Challenge

Gloria Allred is a highly accomplished, if controversial, lawyer who is admired — or reviled — for her sensational representation of women who are alleged victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

USS Kearsarge Marine Assault Ship


Ex-Google exec on his artificial intelligence church: What is created ‘will effectively be a...

Anthony Levandowski, a former Google executive, has plans to create an entire religion — complete with a physical place of worship — based on artificial intelligence.