Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Suppose You Threw a Riot . . .

Suppose you threw a riot, and nobody came? I'll be honest with you, for all my talk about how we do things down here...

The Beacon of Liberty and Freedom

The "Beacon of Liberty and Freedom" is daily being assaulted from within. The lack of education and thus full knowledge and understanding of the...

Common Core is the common whore of education

The pimps, lowlifes, and Johns of the teacher’s unions along with the radical progressive Communists of the Obama Administration are destroying our education system...

Tea Party Conference Shows How to Reach Young People

This Saturday, December 14th, in historic Marietta, Georgia, Tea Party movement mentors will meet with youth leaders and diversity experts to discuss how to put the nation’s future back on the right track. The 3rd Annual Tea Party Conference, hosted by the founders of the Tea Party’s youth and student movements, Lyda Loudon and Danny Oliver, the event will revolutionize the way the Tea Party movement reaches out to young people.

Courageous Activist’s Powerful Plea to Peers

Courageous Activist's Powerful Plea to Peers By Christine O'Donnell Co-founder of Resistance 44, a network of over 6,000 young people dedicated to reaching their peers...

Tea Partiers, listen up! The role of national security and the Constitution

Elements of the Tea Party concerned with the nature of liberty and the disintegration of Constitutionally limited governance have been hijacked by an ideologically...

Tea Party Students launch “No Youth Tax” Amendment

Posterity is a term the Founding Fathers understood well. Liberty is not a condition limited to the immediate present, but a continuous state that can be made or broken for future generations.

Students Start “Tea Party University”

Students in the Tea Party movement have launched "Tea Party University", combining news, views, information and education in the Tea Party movement. Their key three features are their blog, their professors, and their "Tea Party 101" course.

The Progressive Tea Party!

We all know about the Tea Party, which took the country by storm. The party of the middle class people who took a stand and...

Welcome Muslim World!

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion!” On July 15th 2011, Secretary Clinton was in Turkey meeting with the Organization of...

A Brief Lesson in the Failure of Republics

With these new rights the people could elect their own leaders and councils who had a range of powers over the elite senate.

The Debt Limit Deal and America’s Future: Insight from an NCSC insider

Please consider Boehner's plan in this way, so that we can bring out the true power of the Tea Party for this momentous year! "

Tea-Party Student Views: Marriage Equality in New York

If you've been keeping up with news in New York it seems that an equal marriage law, one that would permit gay and lesbian...

Art and Politics: An Argument to Win Back College Campuses

  To some college campuses might seem like the untouchable bastion of aggressive and wild Liberal politics, but as a college student I can see...

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Wiley Coyote

They Shot Him In The Bomb

I think the cops shot the Austin bomber in the bomb. That’s just my theory, but work with me here. This guy’s tooling along...

On Deep State…An Essay in Truth

Deep State...a term, a concept, and a not so secret cabal engaged in not so subtle 'cloak and dagger' acts of subterfuge, innuendos, terror, and even murder. Deep State...a dark shadow hanging over our government for decades if not longer...a shadow that will never go away...but then again why would it as Deep State remains the reality of today's political arena that few can nor should ignore.

Survey Says: Politicized Sports, Entertainment Driving Viewers Away

ESPN isn’t just dying the death of a thousand chord cuts. Ratings for the Oscars aren’t down simply because the Academy keeps nominating movies nobody has seen.