Friday, August 17, 2018

Traditional Hackers Now Turning Their Crosshairs on Conservatives

In addition to wreaking technical havoc, hackers have figured out they can use Google’s strict policy against deceptive website tactics to keep conservative websites hidden from the internet for long periods of time.

Hack Your Way Into Facebook’s New Timeline Feature

Most users will have to wait a few weeks before they get to see Facebook’s most drastic changes to the service since the company was founded, but you can use a developers work around to gain access to the Timeline feature right now.
facebook changes

Atlas, will you shrug already!

Consumers are complaining about the new format created for Facebook, a free service used by hundreds of millions of people from around the world.

LightSquared: Poster Child for Crony Capitalism

Two high-level government officials have revealed they were pressured by the Obama administration to change their testimony to Congress in order to favor a wireless company linked to a high-level Democratic Party donor, and to sound supportive of Obama’s stated goal of bringing high-speed wireless to at least 98 percent of Americans within five years.

Full Tilt Poker a Ponzi scheme? Like Groupon?

So when I read moments ago that the U.S. Department of Justice had impounded the Full Tilt Poker Web site and accused the organization of being a "global Ponzi scheme," I thought that my mind had perhaps missed a day--or even a month.

Korean Regulators Raid Google’s Seoul Office Over Android

"We will work with the KFTC to address any questions they may have about our business," said Google. "Android is an open platform, and carrier and OEM partners are free to decide which applications and services to include on their Android phones. We do not require carriers or manufacturers to include Google Search or Google applications on Android-powered devices."

Missouri Judge Blocks Facebook Limits for Teachers

The Missouri law would have barred teachers from using websites that give "exclusive access" to current students or former students who are minors.

Facebook does major overhaul of privacy settings

Moreover, instead of vague labels such as "everyone," which have been mistaken for a Facebook member's social network instead of anyone on the Internet, the new system will include more precise words such as "public."

Google+ pins ‘verification badges’ on users

A new verification system being rolled out by Google+ is designed to help + users answer such questions and avoid falling victim to such nefarious schemes (or at least feel confident adding people to their various friend Circles without fear of imposters).

Anonymous Vows to ‘Destroy’ Facebook on Nov. 5

Source: By: Damon Poeter Posted: Aug. 9, 2011 Anonymous has vowed to "destroy" Facebook on Nov. 5. Or more accurately, somebody has set up a Twitter...

Microsoft’s Web map exposes phone, PC locations

He plans to summarize his findings in a related talk with two other researchers at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next week.

Researchers Expose Cunning Online Tracking Service That Can’t Be Dodged

The service, called KISSmetrics, is used by sites to track the number of visitors, what the visitors do on the site, and where they come to the site from — and the company says it does a more comprehensive job than its competitors such as Google Analytics.

Congress gathering debt-crisis feedback via Facebook

The number of posts including video or radio snippets also has increased over the past week as lawmakers seek to engage their followers in new ways.

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