Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fiber Cons

In last week's State of the Union address, President Barack Obama highlighted government programs "rebuilding for the 21st century." Among the investments in vital public infrastructure he mentioned -- roads, bridges, rail -- he promised "high-speed wireless coverage to 98 percent of all Americans." The president was referring to mobile broadband Internet and similar services advertised as "3G" or "4G" -- low-cost ways to help make basic broadband near universally available.

Canadians May Adopt U.S.-Style Ban On Breaking ‘Digital Locks’

In the U.S., copyright law generally makes it illegal for consumers to do things like copy a DVD, even if it’s for personal use. But in Canada, there’s no such restriction—meaning it’s also perfectly legal to do things like “mod” a videogame system or jailbreak an iPhone. But that may be about to change. If passed, C-32, as the legislation is called, would be the biggest change to Canadian copyright law in modern times. The most controversial component is the criminalization of breaking “digital locks,” also referred to as digital rights management (DRM). Getting around such locks has been illegal in the U.S. since the passage of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, with certain narrow exceptions (like jailbreaking your iPhone.) The U.S. entertainment industry has repeatedly called for Canada to adopt a similar provision in its law, but it’s proved controversial—especially as questions have been raised about whether it’s serving U.S. consumers well.

Google co-founder Page takes over, targets-Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google Inc co-founder Larry Page will take over as CEO from Eric Schmidt, a surprise move to make the company more nimble at a time when competition heats up with fast-growing rivals like Facebook. Page's assumption of day-to-day operations marks a return to Google's technological roots, 13 years after he and fellow Stanford University student Sergey Brin founded what has become the world's No. 1 Internet search engine with $29 billion a year in revenue. "Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!" Schmidt tweeted after the announcement. The news came as Google reported earnings and revenue that blew past expectations. While Google has dominated Internet search for a decade, the company has struggled to find its footing in social networking, with a new crop of Web companies such as Facebook and Twitter stealing Web traffic and engineering talent. "As spending was curbed and order restored over the last few years, some of that Google magic was lost," said Tricia Salinero, managing director of Newforth Partners, a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, in an email. Schmidt, who will step aside on April 4 and make way for Page, told Reuters in an interview that the change was "not a reaction to competitors."

Verizon challenges FCC’s Internet Neutrality Rules

WASHINGTON – Verizon Communications Inc. on Thursday filed a legal challenge to new federal regulations that prohibit broadband providers from interfering with Internet traffic flowing over their networks. In a filing in federal appeals court in the District of Columbia, Verizon argues that the Federal Communications Commission overstepped its authority in adopting the new "network neutrality" rules last month. The rules prohibit phone and cable companies from favoring or discriminating against Internet content and services — including online calling services such as Skype and Internet video services such as Netflix, which in many cases compete with services sold by companies like Verizon.

Why Net Neutrality Regulation is the Path to Ending Net Neutrality

Let's bring some perspective here. People have become hysterical. They are DEMANDING Net Neutrality. Now. Right NOW. But, wait a second... they already have it. Right now, we all enjoy a neutral net. It's here. It exists. It's alive. And it's fantastic.

Google, Facebook and Yahoo to test new net addresses

A global trial of the net's new addressing system is being planned for 8 June. The test is being held to raise awareness about the imminent change from version 4 of the addressing scheme to version 6. Net giants Google, Facebook, Akamai and Yahoo have committed to taking part in the "test flight" of IPv6. Net firms are being encouraged to switch to IPv6 as addresses in the old scheme will run out by November 2011.

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