Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Am Proud To Be An American

I am proud to be an American! I was born white, I didn't choose it. I do not owe you anything, whoever you are....

The Awesome Power of the Constitution

The Awesome Power Of The U.S. Constitution In sixty five years of life I have never seen our country poised so perilously close to the brink of...

Texas Is Incompatible With America

Texas is Incompatible with America. It just don't fit. In my literary journeys over the last few months I've tried to find common ground,...

The real legacy of Barack Hussein Obama

Upon entering the White House, Barack Obama had control of three major indoctrination sources (mainstream media, entertainment industry, and an altogether corrupt, failing educational system) that gave him the primary colors needed to paint over any Norman Rockwell portrait of Americana.


A few hours after dropping her recount efforts in Pennsylvania, Jill Stein and her legal team announced that they would be filing a motion...

Jill Stein Drops Pennsylvania State Wide Recount Suit, But it is Not Over!

Jill Stein stopped her statewide recount push in the Keystone State. However, she is continuing recount bids in individual districts. Her main claim for...

Liberals Agree To Waste Taxpayers’ Money On Michigan Recount!

  On December 1, 2016, Michigan Secretary of State stated that President-Elect Trump and his campaign filed an objection to the recount petition to the...

Donald Trump awakens Johnny Freedom; leads freedom-lovers to victory

Eight years ago, Americans were so eager to elect a black president; they voted for a darling of left-wing extremists, Barack Obama. The corrupt, and likewise, leftist, main-stream media joined Democrats in hoisting Marxist Barack Obama upon their shoulders, carrying him to the White House.

I Crappith Thee Not!

I Crappith Thee Not is an online book exclusively here on the Tea Party Tribune. Click the link and index through all articles that appeared...

The Army of the Dead

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, and I'll go with that, but I do take a little myself!  Brigham Young   There is a great...

BREAKING: Black People Might Want to Know What Hillary Clinton Called Blacks

Blacks have been told that the Tea Party Community is racist. I find that funny, since I'm a long-standing member of the Tea Party, and founded the social media site Tea Party Community.

OG&E Trying To Steal Customers’ Energy Choices

By Buck Williams, TPT Energy Correspondent Man, is there nothing the state-sponsored, government-supported electrical utilities won’t use to enrich themselves on the backs of their...

Liberty Utilities: Have You No Shame?

  By Buck Williams, TPT Energy Agitator Oh, those utilities in New Hampshire — they say the darndest things about solar. As I’ve written about before, the...

Why Americans feel like strangers in their own country – Obama’s calculated and deliberate...

  By Jim Mullen   If one had to use one word to describe the entire Obama administration it would be anarchy; a word by which fascists...

This November, Remember the Benghazi Four

The story of 13 Hours tells how they did the same in Benghazi, ordering American officials to stand down in their effort to save fellow Americans under siege and then lying about Benghazi’s etiology, seeking to depict it as some spontaneous outrage against an anti-Islamic film that never happened.

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Facebook: The Truth Exposed…Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of Facebook: The Truth Exposed, we told you about who Facebook's partners are along with which companies and countries they are connected to, and which companies Facebook bought up or into and why.

Facebook: The Truth Exposed…Part 1 of 2

What we about to tell you might surprise some while affirming what others have suspected for quite some time but either way it needs to be told.

Olympics Corrupted to Further Anti-God Agenda

Watching the Olympics was a big deal when I was a kid, a pleasurable family affair. I tuned in the 2018 Olympics expecting to enjoy extraordinary performances.